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Hi there! I'm a documentary filmmaker, writer, photographer, illustrator, and animator from San Antonio, Texas. I like creating things inspired by the everyday magic in our world–exploring science, preserving family histories, and diving into all the interesting things humans dream up. I hold a BA in anthropology and a BFA in film production, and my work has been published at the New York TimesThe Atlantic, Texas MonthlyScience Magazine, the Austin Chronicle, and screened at over 15 international film festivals. I am also an EMT, drone pilot, and SCUBA diver that loves taking on projects under the sea or in the sky. These days, you can usually find me aboard the National Geographic Explorer expedition ship somewhere between Antarctica and the Arctic, or on a hike with Gary (my dog/executive assistant).

If you'd like to commission a piece, hire me to interview your grandparent, buy a print, share a crazy idea, or just say hi:

You can also find me on social media: @annalisepasztor

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