Camino memories


Protesters flooded downtown LA night after night post-election to stand in solidarity against Trump's hateful world. The protestors had many critics, but in the several nights I was out there I saw something very different than the violent, whiny image presented by man...


The Channel Islands National Park is probably the most blissfully secluded place I've ever visited. An hour boat ride will find you on a oceanside cliff with no running water, electricity, or cars--just insanely friendly wildlife. An island fox came up to me and practi...


Going back to the Texas Hill Country after my first year of college was an adventure in nostalgia. A year away gave me the chance to fully appreciate the magic of this place, now a world away from high school and TX congressmen* and other things I'd rather forget about...


Alternatively titled, “Mom, please stop letting strangers into the house.”

You could say I was a timid child. Every time our woodpecker-shaped knocker hit the door or the phone rang, I went into hiding. Nobody could see the little eye peeking through the tiny round wind...

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